Hi, I'm Jess.

I’m the proud owner of Joyful Creative Co.

I love helping creative entrepreneurs like you to simplify and beautify their product creation with graphics, templates, and trainings. 

One of my favorite products to create is my Canva Color Changeable Graphics, designed to make your life easy by coordinating with your brand or project. 



I live with my husband, Jackson, our 15 year old daughter, Sarah, our 13 year old son, Ben, and our 5 (yes, 5!) cats, in Maryland.

During the school year I drink lots of coffee and homeschool (10th & 8th grade). Actually, the coffee drinking is a year round hobby. 🙂

Digital Design

I love making designs digitally, whether on Canva or drawing on my iPad. 

I’ve been using Canva since 2015 (when Canva was only 2 years old!), and have loved seeing the amazing new features that have been added over the last several years.

I like drawing on my iPad because I can erase as many times as I want without ripping the paper! I use Procreate and Affinity Designer. 

Digital Design from the Beginning

I’ve loved creating since I was a kid. One project that I vividly remember working on was making clothes for my Barbies. I used the computer to make shapes filled with patterns which I then printed, cut out, and taped together to make “clothes” for my Barbies, Skippers, and Kellys. Sorry Ken, no homemade paper fashions for you. 

My love of creating probably comes from my mom. She had fun crafts for us kids to do in the summer, including painting t-shirts, friendship bracelets, pearler beads, plastic lace keychains, sun catchers, and always had supplies around for whatever we wanted to make. In the winter we made Christmas presents for our teachers and decorated cookies.

My enjoyment of the digital world probably comes from my dad. He is a computer programmer, so we always had a computer at home. He taught me a lot about how to use computers, but most importantly he modeled continual learning and staying up to date with new programs. 

As a teen and young adult I didn’t create as much, in part because I didn’t feel that my drawing skills were good enough. (Recovering-ish perfectionist here.) 

When I discovered drawing on my husband’s iPad, I remembered how much I enjoyed art. I got my own iPad and started drawing more for fun. 

At first, I used my drawings on cards for friends and family, and as stickers in my digital planner. 

Then, rather than keeping my art and digital design learnings all for myself, I decided to make them available for others to use. That’s the sort-of-short version of how Joyful Creative Co. came to be.

Other Facts about Me

  • I am a Jesus follower, and am thankful that my faith has sustained me through many hard times. 
  • My favorite food is watermelon. Second favorite is pizza.
  • I am a Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach. (Yup, I’m a multi-passionate person.)
  • I have my bachelors degree in Elementary and Special Education.
  • My favorite authors are Agatha Christie and P.G. Wodehouse. 
  • I have two chronic illnesses. Samter’s Triad (also known as AERD), and Hypermobile Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). Along with many other symptoms, both come with fatigue. I’ve learned to prioritize what is most important to me, and let a lot of stuff go. 

Lastly, I love connecting with other creators!

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Or, e-mail me anytime at Jess @ JoyfulCreativeCo . com (Just take the spaces out, it’s to keep the bots from spamming me.)

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