Quick implementation course for learning how to create
unique and original color changeable clipart in Canva.

Spending too much time looking for the right graphics?

Only to be frustrated by...

Clipart Gems in multiple colors with arrows pointing to the next in line.

It doesn’t have to be this way because I have a solution for you!

Create Your Own Color Changeable Graphics

Product Creation
popsicles in varying colors with arrows pointing to the next in line

Learn how to make Clipart-Style Graphics like these.

And make them Color Changeable with a couple clicks in Canva!!
Multiple pumpkins in varying colors with arrows pointing to the next in line.

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills to make

your own color changeable clipart!

You'll know THE Trick to Making Images Color Changeable, plus...

Here's What's Included

5 Concise Units Covering
  1. THE Trick to Creating Color Changeable Graphics
  2. Project Setup
  3. What Elements to Use 
  4. Basics (Video Demo)
  5. Details (Video Demo)

Videos have closed captions and transcripts. If you need anything else to make the course accessible to you, please let me know. I’m here to support all of my students!



Quick Reference Sheet

Quick Sheet printed and on a clipboard.

Short on time? No problem. 

Use this to save time and get an overview of the most important info, or use it as a reference as you work on projects.

Value $9

Pop-Up Facebook Group​

Computer with Facebook group on screen.

What to expect in the group…
Support, community, and prizes!

Week 1- Feb 12-17 Get your questions answered, support other students, and show off what you are making.

Week 2- Feb 19-23 Show off what you are making, get your questions answered, win participation prizes, and get your work showcased to my e-mail list (if you want it to be).

Value $27

Custom Shapes​

Canva document with person shrugging and question marks above head. Arrow pointing to the shapes area.

Can’t find the right shape in Canva to finish your creation?

From Feb. 12-23, sketch out what you are looking for, and I will either help you find it within Canva or will create to myself and add it to the Custom Shapes template to expand everyone’s Canva Design tools. 

(Basic shapes only, not entire graphics)

Value $37

"lucky me" written above multiple colors of clover in a line, with arrows between.

This Color Changeable Graphics Training was a real treat to go through!

Jess kept it very simple and easy to understand, allowing users of all experience levels the ability to understand and put it into action right away!

I love the bite-sized videos with the over-the-shoulder walkthrough, and I also love the extra tips she gives us.

I’m so excited to start creating some of my own clipart for my PLR products, and to add to my commercial-use clipart section in my shop!

Thanks for making this so simple, easy to understand, and user-friendly!

~ Aimee Bagshaw

About Your Trainer

Hi, I'm Jess

I’m a trained educator and homeschool mom of two teens.
When you learn with me, you will find information presented in a comprehensive but concise and understandable way.

My goal is not to impress you with how many hours of training you will get, but rather to see you learn what you want to know in the shortest amount of time possible and get to creating! 

I’m the creator of these popular Color Changeable Graphics Packs!

I’ve been using Canva since it’s early days, and I’m amazed at the design features it now offers. When the job calls for more robust options, I use Affinity products as well. 

I enjoy designing useful, visually pleasing digital creations.
From design assets to templates and trainings, I’m here to help you joyfully create!

Balloons in multiple colors with arrows pointing to the next in line

Your Questions Answered

You will need a Canva Pro account in order to follow along with this course (currently $14.99/month or $119.99/year).

The graphics packs that I sell are hand drawn in Affinity Designer.

This course will teach you how to make simpler clipart-style color changeable graphics in Canva like these.

Because of the limitations of the Canva software, and it not being designed for illustration, creating graphics as detailed as my packs within Canva is not possible at this time. 

Not in this course. This is a beginner course using the Canva platform.

If you are already an advanced illustrator or designer, you will likely be able to take the concepts and put them to use in other software you are already familiar with.

I plan to offer additional courses that cover creating Color Changeable Graphics in more advanced illustration software, look for the survey at the end of the course to let me know what you are interested in learning!

Learn to make color changeable clipart for your own personal use, for use in your business or product creation, or to sell in your shop. This skill can be used in many ways. 

This course covers the advanced technique of creating color changeable graphics, but in a basic, easy to understand way.

Beginner to experienced graphic designers & illustrators are all welcome!

Designed to be quick to implement, you can easily watch the trainings and begin creating in an afternoon! 

Don’t have time to waste, and already know Canva inside and out? Or, do you just want to know THE trick? Check out the cheat sheet in the course and you can know the most important info in 5 minutes & get to designing already!

This course is designed to teach the skill of creating the graphics/clipart. 

What you do with your clipart is your choice! I’ll touch on a couple things to consider if you are planning on selling your clipart made in Canva, but I won’t be teaching how to sell them in this course. 

Yes! I’m letting the cat out of the bag in this course.

Once you know the trick to creating color changeable graphics, you will be able to use this knowledge to make them in other design softwares too. 

As a special course launch bonus, I will be hosting a 2-week Facebook pop-up group for support, community, and prizes!

This is the place to ask your questions as you are putting what you learn to use. This group will be available February 12-23, 2024

You will have continued access to the course.

(I plan for this course to be available for many years, so why not say Lifetime Access? Because integrity is important to me, and I have no idea how long you or I will live, or how long Canva will even be around- though I’m guessing a while. You will have access for the lifetime of the course, and if it ever needs to go away, I will do my best to give you plenty advanced notice.)

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Send me an e-mail at Jess @ joyfulcreativeco . com (just remove the spaces!) and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

If you're not sure yet, that's ok. Don't leave empty handed! 
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