Playful Kittens Graphics Pack

3 hand drawn kittens + 10 playful accessories

With Color Changeable Graphics, you can...

(Graphics from Autumn Graphics Pack)

Color Change in Action!

(Graphics from Cozy Winter Graphics Pack)

Use code “SPRINGY24” to get these for only $7 until Feb. 19! (Normally $25)

What's Included?

Canva Template

With 13 unique color changeable coordinating graphics, sized 3000 x 3000 pixels (10 inch print size at 300 pixels per inch).

  • 3 Kitten Poses, each in 5+ color style variations
  • 10 Playful Accessories, perfect for each season 

PLR / Commercial Use License

You CAN...

  • Incorporate into products for personal use by your customers
  • Use the graphics as-is if you are using in an end product such as a journal, planner, etc. in which the graphics are not the main product. You do not have to change or combine them, but you can, it’s part of the fun! Graphics must be flattened as part of your end product and can not be extractable.
  • Create stickers with the graphics if you combine with other elements such as other graphics or text. 
  • Create products to give away as a gift to your customers (e-mail opt-in, bonus, etc. as long as it follows the other guidelines listed in this license)


  • Sell or give away the original files (Canva templates)
  • Sell or give away the Canva images with ability to change colors (images MUST be flattened and not color-changeable)
  • Upload to marketplaces such as Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, etc. 
  • Sell in a product with PLR or commercial rights (Contact me if you are interested in PLR Sellers Add-On.)
  • Claim copyright to the graphics

Use code “SPRINGY24” to get these for only $7 until Feb. 19! (Normally $25)

About your Designer

Hi, I'm Jess!

Profile Picture of Jess

I love creating, teaching, and connecting.

I have been using Canva since it’s early days, and I’m amazed at the design features it now offers. When the job calls for more robust options, I use Affinity products as well.

I enjoy designing digital creations that others will find useful. From design assets to templates and trainings, I’m here to help you joyfully create!


If you already have a working knowledge of Canva, you will be able to easily customize and use your color changeable graphics.


You do not need a Pro subscription to change the colors of the graphics in this pack. 

If you would like to download the images with a transparent background you will need a Pro subscription, or you can opt to remove the background for free using another online program. 

You will need to set up a free account with Canva if you do not already have one. 

The Canva graphics are 3000 x 3000 pixels (10 inches print quality and much larger for digital use!)

You can easily make the graphics smaller without affecting the quality. 

If you have Canva Pro, you can resize the images to be larger. 

Because of the digital nature of this product, refunds or returns are not available. 

However, if you are struggling, please reach out to me through the contact info available in your purchase confirmation so I can help you be successful!

Use code “SPRINGY24” to get these for only $7 until Feb. 19! (Normally $25)