PLR Sellers Add-On License

Want to use Joyful Creative Co. Graphics in products you sell as PLR?

With a PLR Seller's Add-On License

You CAN...

  • Sell in a product with PLR or commercial rights as long as 
    • The graphics are flattened (no longer color changeable) 
    • The graphics terms (provided for you to pass on) are included with the customer’s purchase. 


  • Sell or give away the original files (PNG graphics or Canva templates)
  • Sell or give away the images with ability to change colors
  • Upload to marketplaces such as Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, etc. 
  • Claim copyright to the graphics

What's Included?

I make this as easy as possible for you by including...

  • Exact wording for you to include with your PLR products. Just copy and paste the Graphics Terms and you are good to go!
* Each PLR Seller’s Add-On License is good for 1 graphics collection.
* Please Note: Price per license varies based on the number of graphics in each collection.

Get Your Add-On Licenses Here

Please note- you must buy the Graphics Packs separately. These are Add-On Licenses.

See a collection you like? Purchase it in the Shop, then buy your Add-On license.

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Autumn Graphics Pack

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